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Following a slow start, blogging has rapidly become more popular over the years, including in Nigeria. The activity can be viewed as a form of social networking. The majority of bloggers publish content and build social relations with their readers through comments. It started out as vocation for individuals using the platform as a personal online diary. However, the blogosphere now includes businesses that take advantage of consumer's insatiable need for fresh, relevant content. On the other hand, ordinary bloggers typically provide commentary on wide-ranging topics, including politics, fashion, celebrities, sport, news and more. They use a combination of images and text, including videos to share captivating content. Interactive comments play a vital role in boosting the popularity of many blogs.

Bloggers have the capacity to moderate the comments through backend admin tools. This is aimed at filtering undesirable comments by unruly readers or spammers trying to abuse the comment section by marketing their products and services. Some of the prohibited comments include hate speech, posting links to phishing websites and more.

Blogs come in a wide variety of categories, including video blogs (vlogs) and photoblogs. Publishing short blogs is known as microblogging. The popularity of the vocation has been intensifying. In 2011, there were up to 156 million active blogs on the web. They appeared on many free and paid platforms, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger.com and more.

Many people use the platforms to build resources for public consumption while others take advantage of monetization options like adverts to generate some income.
Blogging can be fun and profitable when done properly. Blogging in Nigeria is gaining strong foothold and when an average Nigeria thinks of blogging, the name that immediately comes to mind is Linda Ikeji. She is a devoted blogger, but there are other established and emerging bloggers that are worthy to be mentioned and we will discuss them briefly below.

Mainstream popularity and impact on politics

As blogs became considerably mainstream, news services and many prominent people started using them for opinion forming and outreach purposes. Many viewed the blogosphere as a viable outlet for airing opinions on current affairs, such as war. Some politicians adopted the platforms for campaigning purposes during elections.


Microblogging, in particular, enabled politicians and news agencies to connect with the public. As a result, social networking sites like Twitter grew in stature. Governments joined in the craze creating hashtags as part of public relations or official communications efforts.

The trends took a toll on traditional publishers that relied on print media. Many American newspapers folded as pressure from citizen journalism mounted. The impact has been widespread to include many African countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe. On another level, the emergence of the blogosphere threatened the quality of information digested by the public.

Even President Barack Obama expressed concern over the proliferation of citizen journalism or user generated content. He identified the problems associated with news that is not thoroughly fact-checked. The majority of the content lacks context. Obama feared that this could lead to widespread strife due to inaccurate reporting.

Top Bloggers in Nigeria

The Nigerian blogosphere has become highly competitive as more people emulate the example set by the pioneers. The rise in new blogs is also influenced to some extent by the desire to earn a living through blogging.

Some of the most influential individuals in the world of blogging in Nigeria include the following:

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is arguably the highest paid blogger in Nigeria and runs the most successful blog in Nigeria - Lindaikejisblog.com.

Omoyele Sowore

Sowore has made a name in the media fraternity thanks to his passion that developed during the days of military rule in his homeland. The well-known Nigerian political analyst established a popular blog that is regarded as the 'Wikileaks of Africa.' The platform is Saharareporters.com and it is funded by the Omidyar Foundation as well as the Ford Foundation.

It has become a reliable source of conspiracy theories and first-hand insider information. The blog operates without fear of persecution since it is run from New York City. However, Saharareporters.com receives threats from unidentified characters on a regular basis.

Uche Eze Pedro

Uche Eze focuses on a completely different domain. She has worked hard to establish herself as one of the most prominent bloggers from Africa's largest economy. The blogger shares in-depth content on Nigerian entertainment, lifestyle and fashion topics. It comes as no surprise that her online exploits have inspired many of her country men and women to venture into blogging. Uche Eze Pedro's blog is known as BellaNaija.com.

Chude Jideonwo

Jideonwo owns Ynaija.com, which covers topics about Nigeria's rich and diverse culture. In addition, the platform also publishes job opportunities designed to help fellow Nigerians secure jobs in different sectors. The youth-oriented blog features many categories, including TV teen, politics, enterprise, opinion and more. Jideonwo is the Chief Executive Officer of RED Media Group.

Kemi Filani

Kemi has a special way to captivate readers and keeping them coming back for more. She runs the blog KemiFilani.com, which is dedicated to publishing up-to-date content on fashion trends and celebrity news. Her engaging style has attracted multitudes of followers. Her blog is undoubtedly an irresistible magnet for Nigerians interested in entertainment content.

Bamidele Onibalusi

Onibalusi founded a blog that now enjoys a tremendous following by freelance writers around the world. His platform attracts people from the United States, South Africa, the UK and beyond. He provides amazing insights and useful content designed to help writers build successful careers and find paid online writing jobs.

Many Nigerians have discovered reliable income opportunities using their writing talent thanks to information shared by Onibalusi. For this reason, WritersInCharge.com is truly one of the top blogs in Nigeria. Bamidele began blogging at the tender age of 16 and has not looked back ever since. He drew inspiration from his love for writing and now obtains freelance writing orders from many high-paying clients

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