Money and Financial Strategies

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria
There is an ever increasing demand for faster and safer means of performing transactions using currencies that will give investors and business acumens a reason to do so with peace of mind. Crypto currency is a digital currency from Block Chain Technology. This secure means of transaction cause it to depend on cryptography. An additional control unit is dependent on a complex formula that has to be solved by miners globally. The first crypto currency that was introduced in 2009 was Bitcoin.
Impact of Corruption on Nigeria's economy

Corruption is perceived across a variety of illegitimate disbursements and transactions such as bribes, embezzlement, and money laundering among others. It's the dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

How to Survive a Recession
If there is anything certain about the economy is that there are periods when there will be growth and a period of recession. It's a cycle of ups and downs. The best of times are usually experienced when there is growth as companies are always hiring more staff and increasing salaries. What follows soon after is a period of recession characterized by interest rate reduction, job cuts, an unstable stock market and falling profits for businesses.

Blogging in Nigeria
Following a slow start, blogging has rapidly become more popular over the years, including in Nigeria. The activity can be viewed as a form of social networking. The majority of bloggers publish content and build social relations with their readers through comments. It started out as vocation for individuals using the platform as a personal online diary. However, the blogosphere now includes businesses that take advantage of consumer's insatiable need for fresh, relevant content.

Get Paid to Write Articles
Nowadays almost every business has its website. Companies, institutions, government departments, organizations and professionals need lots of articles for their websites. They use these articles to explain their business, products or services to their customers, clients or users. You can easily get paid to write for all such clients. There are various ways to find writing assignments that pay.

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