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There are times when we realize that the world is a lot bigger than the town we live in---or even the nation that town is located in. Such is the case when one views the delightfully different blog of Linda Ikeji. The first thing one discovers when visiting the Linda Ikeji blog is that Nigeria has internet service. Of course we all know that as a theoretical fact, but this is an actual, verifiable person from Nigeria blogging about their life and the region they live in.

It turns out to be a fascinating journey that greatly broadens one's understanding of the area, while simultaneously making one wonder why all of the unique and interesting things that are happening over there never seem to make it to the wire services over here. It actually leaves one with a creeping feeling of ethnocentrism that we are blithely ignoring such a broad swath of the planet. But no more. A good dose of lindaikeji will counteract things quite nicely.

The Linda Ikeji blog does offer some signs of universality, however. People laughingly say that the Kardashians are everywhere. Finding a Nigerian blog post dedicated to Kylie Jenner wearing a blond wig shows just how ubiquitous they have truly become. Yet the base purpose of Linda's blog is to be informative. Unlike many other blogs, where the content centers around the personality of the owner, this one is dedicated to keeping its followers well-versed in what is happening in the wide world, the region, and the nation of Nigeria..

It is also almost stunning to see how determined Linda Ikeji is. Just a single day's postings will number well into the double digits and include all sorts of fascinating news that one never hears anywhere else. Perhaps typical of the content is the story of the hospital in India which is making a special ward so it can operate on an Egyptian woman who weighs upwards of 1000 pounds! There is news of a plane loaded with gold bars that crashed in Zimbabwe. A quick peek into the Nigerian immigration system shows 335 people being granted citizenship. There are stories about "Nollywood" stars---i.e. the kings and queens of the Nigerian movie industry. There are pictures of a woman who tried to sneak her boyfriend out of jail inside a suitcase. All of this for a single day, and that is barely scratching the surface.

This blog is truly a labor of love and quite frankly is giving wire services around the world a real run for their money. If you are in the mood for something very well done, very different, and very off-our-own-beaten-track, then check out www.lindaikejisblog.com. You'll be glad you did.

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