Guardian Newspaper Nigeria

Often described as Nigeria's most respected paper, The Guardian is an independent daily newspaper that is published each day in Lagos, Nigeria by Guardian Newspapers Limited.

There is good reason this publication receives such rave reviews, as it is continuously stocked with up to the minute news and information for a wide array of audiences. A quick glance at the The Guardian's homepage (which can easily be found by searching guardian newspaper Nigeria) insidiously opens a wealth of information, and many featured stories have been updated within the past hour.

When considering the high quality content featured each day, it helps to look back at the history of Journalism in Nigeria. The Guardian was initially established back in 1983 by a local entrepreneur and an award winning journalist. The two believed that the area was lacking a go to source for news, sports, and local information. As a result, The Guardian was a pioneer, as it introduced quality journalism and thoughtful editorial content to the entire country.

The same spirit that built the publication--in addition to a commitment to excellency in journalism--is still very evident today. The hard copy publication, combined with the website of the same name, draws in an impressive number of readers each day. This is likely due to the wide range of articles and features, covering everything from crime and breaking news to sports, technology focused features, fashion and arts and entertainment content. Additionally, the photos used--specifically int he online publication--are always crisp, clean and intriguing, which helps to draw a reader's eye in and likely contributes to additional online readership.A large, prominent hero image is features on each page, which easily denotes the most updated content. This is helpful for readers who may only have limited time to read.

The online publication also features a popular "Guardian Woman" section. This featured content often focuses on local entrepreneurs, relationship advice, and women in politics. Like the homepage, the "Guardian Woman" features cater to a wide range of readers who are interested in equally wide subject matter.

The Guardian's well known spots section also focuses on a vast array of teams and events, from football and boxing to tennis and golf. The Arts and Entertainment page is bright and vibrant, complete with engaging photos. News on this section often ranges from local festivals and art expos to methods of boosting one's creativity and even U.S. Awards show recaps.

Among all the sections, the news is most prominently displayed, and likely the most popular page. News is updated constantly, and often focuses on, once again, an impressive mix of breaking events, local information, and world occurrences. While news also tends to feature political articles, the Guardian staff is adept at capturing the interest of reader's seeking to read up on other areas in Africa, as well as Europe and North America.

Above all, it is obvious that reporters at The Guardian are well trained in their craft. Their writing always kicks off with an engaging lead that pulls in the attention of the reader. Most importantly, all stories are written clearly and answer the who, what, when, where, and why elements.

Guardian Newspaper Nigeria

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