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Daily Post Nigeria is an online news publication with a primary focus on news and events happening in and outside of Nigeria. Like most news websites, the site has its information well-categorized so that readers can jump straight to the information they want. The sections cover politics, entertainment, sport, etc. There's also a Latest News section that, as the name indicates, presents all the latest information coming through, not catering to a particular category or topic. Daily Post Nigeria has been online since 2011, if its first set of posts is an indication - those are dated 2011. In fact, quite a lot of its first few stories have been posted in October/November 2011. Though this is not a lot of time, especially when compared to other Nigerian online news publications, Daily Post Nigeria has definitely made some huge strides and has managed to build and sustain a loyal reader base. Dailypost.ng has a team of in-house writers and editors who contribute to the majority of content found on the site. However, the site also accepts submissions from its readers. The Contact Us page of the site lets the reader get in touch with Daily Post. And it's not just the odd recommendation, query or grievance that Daily Post Nigeria solicits; it wants its user community to contribute to the site as well.

Daily Post therefore lists out business email addresses of some of its key executives so that users can touch base with them on relevant matters.

There are dedicated contact information for the following purposes:

Scoop/ Press Release: News tips, information, firsthand experience, news story photos, and also press release can be forwarded to the editors.

Press Inquiries: This section is dedicated for industry analysts and journalists to email to the press office of Daily Mail.

Rights and Permissions: Daily Post invites its readers to acquire republishing rights for content originally posted on Daily Post. Individuals who believe their original content have been infringed upon or republished by Daily Post without prior consent can also register their concerns here.

Individuals and organization may contact Daily Post for advertising on the site, employment opportunities with the site, and also to report a community issue or a technical problem. Like most other news websites, Daily Post has social media presence too. Currently, it's on both Facebook and Twitter. However, it's not on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, which is quite understandable, since these sites are flashy and a presence on such sites could hurt the credibility or serious news portal image of Daily Post. Having said that, Daily Post Nigeria has a bit of catching up with other Nigeria-based news sites on Facebook and Twitter as far as fan-following is concerned.

Daily Post Nigeria

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